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We thank you for your application to join the DMV Professional Liaison Association. The DMV PLA identified a need for focused professional training and education within the fields of marketing, business development, and admissions.  Born from this, we launched a vision to grow a dedicated group of like-minded professionals we would meet regularly to learn new techniques in business development and marketing and identify new behavioral health services and programs for patients and their loved ones. All new members are considered “Observing Members” (OM). Please see below for information on what “Observing Member” means with the DMV PLA.

  1. “Observing Members” (OM) are defined as: any person(s) working in the field of SUD treatment, mental health treatment, or other related services who do NOT hold a position as business development, outreach, marketing, or admissions.

    • OM are able to attend all DMV PLA meetings as an observer ONLY – no participation in announcements or discussions

    • Are able to participate in all networking functions of the DMV PLA

    • Are able to access social media pages

    • Are able to join mailing list


We strongly encourage all OM to attend all meetings hosted by the DMV PLA and to apply to become a “Participating Member.” If you would like to join the DMV PLA as a “Participating Member” please review the DMV PLA By-Laws under the Membership section of the website, to see if you are eligible.


If you are eligible to become a Participating Member, please click on the link below.


Please follow us on social media to stay updated on news, upcoming events, and more!


Best regards,

The DMV PLA Leadership Committee


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